Sunday, April 10, 2022

Received From Happy Clients

Dear Rory,

We want to recommend your real estate services after a very positive experience in listing with you. For some time, we had been discussing the possibility of selling our long-time family home.  After meeting you, we made the discovery that you were possibly the professional we had been wanting to meet in order to take the plunge of listing.  We never regretted taking the step to sell, and right from the beginning of the process, we were impressed with the detailed analysis of previous sales in our area, market conditions, and the factors to consider in realistic pricing.

In every detail, we felt you were working in our best interests. Your advice on the timely marketing of our property achieved a relatively quick sale with slow sales over the previous several months. Your expertise was invaluable in so many areas, particularly in understanding the particular demographics of our area. There were many phases of negotiations, and all were handled with diligence, strategy and respect for all concerned.

Finally, your understanding in our decision not to repurchase immediately was appreciated. We will continue to recommend you to others and should we be looking for a home in the future, you would be our first choice!


Paul & Eunice

Dear Paul and Eunice,

I was very pleased we could achieve positive results with the sale of your home. You were absolutely great clients to work with and thank you so much for your kind introduction to your good friends.  I look forward to helping you when you are ready to purchase your next home.  Until then if I can be of assistance in any way please advise.


Rory Sutter