Monday, April 25, 2022

How Can I Serve You?

I have pleased to offer you many FREE SERVICES. All are designed to give you outstanding value and superior results without cost or obligation of any kind. You may choose one or several of my services at any time, and these services are offered to the people closest to you, including family, friends, neighbours and associates:

1. I have a PROFESSIONAL HOME FINDER SERVICE. Would you like to be a part of it? If you are considering a new home, looking for a recreational property or an investment property, you are welcome to join my Home Finder Service. My service is available throughout Greater Vancouver and for most parts of B.C. This information is much more accurate and current than the public MLS service and can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

2. I have an EXCLUSIVE BUYERS PROGRAM. Would you like to be a part of it? The first step is for us to meet to discuss your needs in great detail. You have an opportunity to interview me before you make a commitment, and I only work with serious buyers on a one-on-one basis. I do not use junior buyer’s agents and will identify, analyze, value and acquire suitable properties. 

Together we will discuss financing and set an acquisition strategy, and I will walk you through the entire buying process, from financing to preparing carefully designed contracts and coordinating negotiation. I personally attend the property inspections with my clients so that I can best represent your interests. My system is complete and thorough, and I consistently deliver favourable results for my clients. 

3. I have a STAGE ONE COMPUTERIZED VALUATION SERVICE, would you like to receive it? Find out what your home is worth without having a meeting or home evaluation, and receive your report by email with a price range. This is valuable if you are curious about your home’s value for insurance purposes, wondering how much equity you have in your home, considering an appeal of the assessed value, or contemplating a move that could be months away. 

4. I have a STAGE TWO DETAILED MARKET VALUATION SERVICE for sellers, which is the most thorough service available in the market today. Would you like to be a part of it? This complete service encompasses a detailed analysis of your property’s value based on the latest market information, including comparing recent sales of similar properties, active properties being marketed and expired listings.

What I do differently than other realtors is take the time to look at your home and factor in all improvements. I carefully consider multiple approaches to valuing a property. I will walk you through all the numbers and explain my home selling system, which consistently gets my client's top dollar and the results they deserve.

I believe that every one of your dollars matters, and I take my responsibilities very seriously. Expect a detailed overview of the market and all the information you need to make the best decision about your property. 

5. I have a TWO-STEP HOME SELLING AND HOME BUYING SERVICE. Would you like to be a part of it? This is for transactions that involve the sale of a principal residence (Step One) and the subsequent purchase of another property (Step Two). Would you like to be a part of it? Ideal for those who are considering downsizing, upsizing, or moving to a new area. Let me show you how I have achieved 100% results with my clients and how easy it is to make a move. Most importantly, I will protect your interests and give you market comparables that will give you an accurate estimate of how much net proceeds you will have to work with. We will carefully assess the purchase opportunities before beginning and what it will cost you to achieve your next step.

This assessment will give you accurate information that you can carefully consider prior to making a decision. My services are complete, and I orchestrate both the selling and buying processes at the same time, allowing sufficient time to find a new home and arranging dates for completion and possession that are seamless. This means that my clients are never placed at risk of owning two homes or that they miss the perfect home because they have not started to sell their first home. The closing proceeds of the first home sale are applied the next day to the purchase of the new home. 

6. I have a NEIGHBORHOOD PRICING REPORT. Would you like to receive it? On a regular basis, you will receive a computerized summary of the homes in your neighbourhood or the strata units in your building that have sold. This is a very valuable service for people that want to track what is happening in their area in real estate. 

7. I have a service for FREE PRICING INFORMATION on both listings and sales in that you may be curious about. Would you like to receive an emailed data sheet? It could be that a just listed or sold sign has gone up in your neighbourhood or near a friend or relative. Simply drop me an email with the property address or MLS number, tell me what you need, and you will receive a computerized report. I am also happy to respond to your specific questions. 

8. I have a REFERRAL PROGRAM. Would you like to be a part of it? I work By Referral Only and do not advertise for new clients. This allows me to focus 110% of my efforts on delivering the most competent, time and money-saving service. This way, I’m able to deliver such outstanding results, and you’ll look forward to working with me again and think of me when your family, friends, and neighbours need a caring, experienced and highly regarded real estate sales professional. 

9. I have an INVESTORS PROGRAM. Would you like to be a part of it? I understand the needs of real estate investors. I was a senior REIN realtor in Metro Vancouver. REIN is Canada’s largest network of real estate investors where I worked with professional investors from across the country and helped organize local bus tours where I identified and prepared detailed cash flows for positive cash-flowing investment properties, including condominiums, single-family homes with suites, duplexes, fourplexes and multi-family properties.

I am presently a member of both the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Boards. 

For more information, call 604-780-7916, or email me at

10. I also offer many SPECIALIZED MARKETING SERVICES, including:
• Real Estate Coaching
• Cash Flow and Deal Analysis
• Property Valuations / Comparative Market Analysis for Purchases and Sales
• Apartment Building Sales and Purchases
• Estate Sales - Subject to Probate
• Court Ordered Sales and Purchases
• Foreclosure Sales and Purchases
• Distress Sales and Purchases
• Special Services For Seniors/Mature Sellers and Buyers
• First Time Home Buyers; I love getting people started on the right track