Friday, December 29, 2023

My Commitment To You - I Work By Referral Only

BY REFERRAL ONLY… is the heart of my business.
It is a commitment I have made to deliver the highest level of
service to earn the deepest level of trust. This means I devote
all my time and energy to your goals, offering you
my undivided attention and dedication to superior results.

I want you to be so satisfied with my services you feel compelled
to refer your friends, family, neighbours and coworkers to me,
not by obligation but because you genuinely believe they will benefit
from my professional services. With your help, I can build
solid and lifelong relationships… one person at a time.

To my special clients, friends, and associates, I thank you for your
heartfelt endorsements, you can expect that each person you
introduce to me will receive the same level of concern and
the commitment that I have pledged to you as your Real Estate
Consultant For Life.
Dear Rory,

Overall, I'm not sure exactly how to describe your professionalism, compassion, and work ethic in a mere couple of sentences. You possess a character trait that has become so rare in today's society. You listen before you speak. You solve before you apply. And you never stop putting your client's best interest at heart. Thank you for your efforts and time in ensuring my clients found their dream home. I know they'll always appreciate your commitment to excellence and your desire to help.

It's comforting to know that I could always count on you for some honest advice.

Thanks again.

Kingsley Cheung - Senior Account Manager
Royal Bank of Canada