Sunday, April 24, 2022

About Rory - You Should Know The Person You Are Hiring

Rory Sutter has been a successful real estate professional for thirty-four years. He has developed and sold more than 2,000 homes, condominiums and townhouses. And is licensed as an Associate Broker, equating to a higher education and experience standard.

Did you know that there are approximately 14,000 licensed realtors in the Lower Mainland, and every month about 136 people write the real estate exam and become new agents, which equates to 1632 realtors per year that enter the market, yet experience in the industry is not a requirement, either is sales and negotiating skills? Of these 14,000 plus agents, only 9.4% or 1,316 agents have and/or qualify for the Associate Broker designation.

Rory is not a marketing figurehead who relies upon ineffective gimmicks and promises to attract business. Nor does he refer his work to junior assistants or associates. Instead, he can best be described as a highly skilled and experienced hands-on professional committed to meeting the needs of his buyers and sellers from beginning to end.

His outstanding reputation is well deserved based upon an exemplary track record in real estate, his expertise in handling all types of real estate transactions, and his dedication to integrity, trust, customer service and performance.

Rory is not just looking for a “quick sale” but is more interested in developing a long-term association or relationship with his clients by diligently working to achieve the best results. 

His goal is to outperform all other agents and market benchmarks of value. Most importantly, he views his client relationships as cooperative partnerships centred upon the needs and objectives of his clients and not his own. 

Rory takes his responsibilities seriously and believes that every dollar won or lost for his clients is essential – that people today work very hard to accumulate their assets. Therefore, he will not be outsold by another agent and will utilize his superior selling skills to consistently realize optimum client results.

Before commencing the buying or selling process, a marketing plan that best meets your needs and objectives is carefully prepared with you, covering areas such as closing and occupancy dates, showing schedules and offer presentation and negotiation. 

Buying and selling homes can be trying times for many people but rest assured that the entire process will be directed in a manner that will keep you relaxed and happy and which will minimize disruption to your home and/or family life. Simply stated, it is your needs that drive the process.

Rory’s real estate career has included senior sales positions with significant real estate investment and development companies, including Colliers Macaulay Nicolls, Concert Properties, Aragon Development and United Properties. 

His roles have also included marketing, management, public relations and consulting, involving local and international brokerage, project marketing, land development and property acquisition and disposition. His clientele has included well-known companies such as Parklane Homes, Polygon Homes and Intrawest Projects.

Rory has led significant real estate sales and marketing initiatives throughout Greater Vancouver, including Vancouver and Richmond, provincially, nationally and globally. 

He understands the motivations and business practices of Asian buyers and sellers, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia, which is beneficial when considering Metro Vancouver markets. 

Rory has also worked extensively with all buyer segments, including first-time, move-ups, empty nesters, builders, investors and, more specifically, American and foreign investors and inter-provincial migrants.

For most people, the sale or purchase of a home is the most crucial investment decision they will make and don’t be fooled - superior performance by an agent will equate to more favourable outcomes. There is no room for mediocrity when choosing an agent – you deserve the best.

We all know someone working in the business, but there is a significant difference between agents in areas such as experience, commitment, capability, salesmanship, motivation and energy.

With Rory, there is no question that he is working for you full-time. He defines and holds your best interests in mind and is unbeatable in selling, negotiating, handling buyers or working with sellers and agents, creating urgency and, most importantly, closing transactions so that your goals and dreams are realized. 

He is a professional who knows how to highlight and market your property and represent your interests in a fast-moving and competitive marketplace. The sales cycle often involves purchasing another property, and Rory is there for you every step of the way.

With buyers and sellers, Rory has a winning personality that conveys enthusiasm, trust, experience, and confidence, which is essential to getting deals done.

As an agent who works By Referral Only and due to the superior results he consistently delivers to his clients, Rory is regularly recruited for selling and buying assignments throughout Metro-Vancouver.