Monday, April 25, 2022

How Can I Serve You In 2022?

I have pleased to offer you many FREE SERVICES in 2022. All are designed to give you outstanding value and superior results without cost or obligation of any kind. You may choose one or several of my services at any time and these services are offered to the people closest to you, including family, friends, neighbours and associates:

1. I have a PROFESSIONAL HOME FINDER SERVICE, would you like to be a part of it? If you are considering a new home, looking for a recreational property or an investment property you are welcome to join my Home Finder Service. My service is available throughout Greater Vancouver and for most parts of B.C. This information is much more accurate and current than the public MLS service and can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

2. I have an EXCLUSIVE BUYERS PROGRAM, would you like to be a part of it? The first step is for us to meet to discuss your needs in great detail. You have an opportunity to interview me before you make a commitment and I only work with serious buyers on a one-on-one basis. I do not use junior buyer’s agents and will identify, analyse, value and acquire suitable properties. 

Together we will discuss financing and set an acquisition strategy and I will walk you through the entire buying process from financing to preparing carefully designed contracts and coordinating negotiation. I personally attend the property inspections with my clients so that I can best represent your interests. My system is complete and thorough and I consistently deliver favourable results for my clients. 

3. I have a STAGE ONE COMPUTERIZED VALUATION SERVICE, would you like to receive it? Find out what your home is worth without having a meeting or home evaluation and receive your report by email with a price range. This is valuable if you are curious about your home’s value for insurance purposes, wondering how much equity you have in your home, considering an appeal of the assessed value, or contemplating a move that could be months away. 

4. I have a STAGE TWO DETAILED MARKET VALUATION SERVICE for sellers, which is the most thorough service available in the market today. Would you like to be a part of it? This is a complete service that encompasses a thorough analysis of your property’s value based upon the latest market information, including comparing recent sales of similar properties, active properties being marketed and expired listings.

What I do differently than other realtors is I take the time to look at your home and factor in all improvements. I carefully consider multiple approaches to valuing property and I will walk you through all the numbers and explain my home selling system, which consistently gets my clients top dollar and the results they deserve.

My philosophy is that every one of your dollars matters and I take my responsibilities very seriously. Expect a detailed overview of the market and all the information you need to make the very best decision related to your property. 

5. I have a TWO STEP HOME SELLING AND HOME BUYING SERVICE, would you like to be a part of it? This is for transactions that involve the sale of a principle residence (Step One) and the subsequent purchase of another property (Step Two). Would you like to be a part of it? Ideal for those who are considering downsizing, upsizing, or moving to a new area. Let me show you how I have achieved 100% results with my clients and how easy it is to make a move. Most importantly I will protect your interests and give you market comparables that will give you an accurate estimate of how much net proceeds you will have to work with. We will carefully assess the purchase opportunities before beginning and what it will cost you to achieve your next step.

This assessment will give you accurate information that you can carefully consider prior to making a decision. My services are complete and I orchestrate both the selling and buying processes at the same time allowing sufficient time to find a new home and arranging dates for completion and possession that are seamless. This means that my clients are never placed at risk of owning two homes or that they miss the perfect home because they have not started to sell their first home. The closing proceeds of the first home sale are applied the next day to the purchase of the new home. 

6. I have a NEIGHBORHOOD PRICING REPORT, would you like to receive it? On a regular basis you will receive a computerized summary of the homes in your neighbourhood or the strata units in your building that have sold. This is a very valuable service for people that want to track what is happening in their area in real estate. 

7. I have a service for FREE PRICING INFORMATION on both listings and sales in that you may be curious about. Would you like to receive an emailed data sheet? It could be that a just listed or sold sign has gone up in your neighbourhood or near a friend or relative. Simply drop me an email with the property address or MLS number, tell me what you need and you will receive a computerized report. I am also happy to respond to your specific questions. 

8. I have a REFERRAL PROGRAM, would you like to be a part of it? I work By Referral Only and do not advertise for new clients, this allows me to focus 110% of my efforts on delivering the most competent, time and money-saving service. This way I’m able to deliver such outstanding results, you’ll look forward to working with me again and think of me when your family, friends, and neighbours need a caring, experienced and highly regarded real estate sales professional. 

9. I have an INVESTORS PROGRAM, would you like to be a part of it? I understand the needs of real estate investors. I was a senior REIN realtor in Metro-Vancouver. REIN is Canada’s largest network of real estate investors where I worked with professional investors from across the country and helped organize local bus tours where I identified and prepared detailed cash flows for positive cash flowing investment properties, including condominiums, single-family homes with suites, duplexes, fourplexes and multi-family properties.

I am presently a member of both the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Boards. 

For more information call 604-780-7916, or email me at

10. I also offer many SPECIALIZED MARKETING SERVICES including:
• Real Estate Coaching
• Cash Flow and Deal Analysis
• Property Valuations / Comparative Market Analysis for Purchases and Sale
• Apartment Building Sales and Purchases
• Estate Sales - Subject to Probate
• Court Ordered Sales and Purchases
• Foreclosure Sales and Purchases
• Distress Sales and Purchases
• Special Services For Seniors/Mature Sellers and Buyers
• First Time Home Buyers; I love getting people started on the right track

Sunday, April 24, 2022

About Rory - You Should Know The Person You Are Hiring

Rory Sutter has been a successful real estate professional for more than thirty years. He has been involved in the development and sale of more than 2000 homes, condominiums and townhouses. He is licensed as an Associate Broker, which equates to a higher standard of education and experience.

Did you know that there are approximately 10,738 licensed realtors in the Lower Mainland and every month approximately 136 people write the real estate exam and become new agents, which equates to 1632 realtors per year that enter the market, yet experience is not a requirement, either is sales and negotiating skills. Of these 10,000 plus agents only 9.4% or 1009 agents have and/or qualify for the Associate Broker designation.

Rory is not a marketing figurehead who relies upon ineffective gimmicks and promises to attract business. Nor does he refer his work to junior assistants or associates. He can best be described as a highly skilled and experienced hands-on professional committed to meeting the needs of his buyers and sellers from beginning to end.

His outstanding reputation is well deserved based upon an exemplary track record in real estate and in his expertise handling all types of real estate transactions combined with his dedication to integrity, trust, customer service and performance.

Rory is not just looking for a “quick sale” but is more interested in developing a long-term association or relationship with his clients by diligently working to achieve the best results. 

His goal is to outperform all other agents and market benchmarks of value. Most importantly he views his client relationships as cooperative partnerships centered upon the needs and objectives of his clients and not his own. 

Rory takes his responsibilities seriously and believes that every dollar won or lost for his clients is important – that people today work very hard to accumulate their assets. He simply will not be outsold by another agent and utilizes his superior selling skills to consistently realize optimum results for his clients.

Before commencing the buying or selling process a marketing plan is carefully prepared with you that best meets your needs and objectives covering areas such as closing and occupancy dates, showing schedules and offer presentation and negotiation. 

Buying and selling homes can be trying times for many people but rest assured that the entire process will be directed in a manner that will keep you relaxed and happy and which will minimize disruption to your home and/or family life. Simply stated it is your needs that drive the process.

Rory’s real estate career has included senior sales positions with major real estate investment and development companies including Colliers Macaulay Nicolls, Concert Properties, Aragon Development and United Properties. 

His roles have also included marketing, management, public relations and consulting; involving local and international brokerage, project marketing, land development and property acquisition and disposition. His clientele has included well-known companies such as Parklane Homes, Polygon Homes and Intrawest Projects.

Rory has led major real estate sales and marketing initiatives throughout Greater Vancouver, including Vancouver and Richmond, and provincially, nationally and globally. 

He understands the motivations and business practices of Asian buyers and sellers, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia,  which is beneficial when considering Metro Vancouver markets. 

Rory has also worked extensively with all buyer segments including first-time, move-ups, empty nesters, builders, investors and more specifically American and foreign investors and inter-provincial migrants.

For most people the sale or purchase of a home is the most important investment decision they will make and don’t be fooled - superior performance by an agent will equate to more favorable outcomes. There is simply no room for mediocrity when choosing an agent – you deserve the very best.

We all know someone working in the business but there is a significant difference between agents in areas such as experience, commitment, capability, salesmanship, motivation and energy.

With Rory there is no question that he is working for you full-time. He defines and holds your best interests in mind and is unbeatable in selling, negotiation, handling buyers or working with sellers and agents, in creating urgency and most importantly in closing transactions so that your goals and dreams are realized. 

He is a professional who knows how to highlight and market your property and represent your interests in a fast-moving and competitive marketplace. The sales cycle often involves the purchase of another property and Rory is there for you every step of the way.

With buyers and sellers Rory has a winning personality that conveys enthusiasm, trust, experience, and confidence; important to getting deals done.

As an agent who works By Referral Only and due to the superior results he consistently delivers to his clients, Rory is regularly recruited for selling and buying assignments throughout Metro-Vancouver, which includes Vancouver's West and East sides, Richmond, Tsawwassen, Ladner and Surrey.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

My Commitment To You - I Work By Referral Only

BY REFERRAL ONLY… is the heart of my business.
It is a commitment I have made to deliver the highest level of
service to earn the deepest level of trust. This means that I devote
all of my time and energy focusing on your goals, offering you
my undivided attention and dedication to superior results.

I want you to be so satisfied with my services you feel compelled
to refer your friends, family, neighbours and coworkers to me,
not by obligation, but because you truly believe they will benefit
from my professional services. With your help, I am able to build
strong, lifelong relationships… one person at a time.

To my special clients, friends, and associates I thank you for your
heartfelt endorsements, you can expect that each person you
introduce to me will receive the same level of concern and
commitment that I have pledged to you as your Real Estate
Consultant For Life.
Dear Rory,

Overall, I'm not sure exactly how to describe your professionalism, compassion, and work ethics in a mere couple of sentences. You possess a character trait that has become so rare in today's society. You listen before you speak. You solve before you apply. And you never stop putting your client's best interest at heart. Thank you for the efforts and time you've placed in ensuring my client's found their dream home. I know they'll always appreciate your commitment to excellence and your desire to help.

It's comforting to know that I could always count on you for some honest advice.

Thanks again.

Kingsley Cheung - Senior Account Manager
Royal Bank of Canada

Friday, April 22, 2022

Why Hire Rory As Your Listing Agent?

  • Believes in absolute undivided loyalty to his clients. Represents only your interests and not the other party
  • Never has done a dual agency agreement in his career
  • Consistently sells his listings for top dollar
  • Has been licensed for 32 years as a full-time real estate sales professional
  • Has assisted over 2000 buyers and sellers in successful real estate transactions throughout Greater Vancouver
  • Thorough market understanding of all areas in Metro-Vancouver
  • Regularly outperforms other agents and sets new market benchmarks of value
  • Will protect and enhance your negotiating position at all times
  • #1 negotiator with leading real estate companies in Western Canada
  • Has 100% customer satisfaction record – puts your needs and priorities first
  • Has a proven, predictable and duplicatable home selling system that works in all market cycles
  • Top marketer who energetically and personally shows, promotes and sells his listings
  • Top salesman - possesses an unequaled gifting and passion for selling
  • Provides his clients with the best and most detailed comparative market analysis so that you know exactly what your home is worth
  • Does not over-list multiple properties in order to properly service, promote and sell each listing
  • Is a master sales strategist with highest trust and integrity factor
  • Maintains regular contact with clients
  • Will tell you the truth without fear of the outcome
  • Regularly executes scenarios involving selling a home and then purchasing a new home
  • References highlight superior skills, strengths and character traits far above other agents
  • Has facilitated individual property transactions ranging from $70,000 to $28 million dollars
  • Has worked for and with the most successful development companies in B.C.
  • Outstanding reputation of having unequalled industry experience you can trust
  • Successful project marketer familiar with all buyer types, promotion and home staging
  • Is also a Certified Life Coach trained by the largest personal and business coaching university in the world
  • Regularly coaches sellers, buyers, and other real estate professionals
  • Is trained in the skill of neuro-linguist programming in order to seek out the best solution to real estate transactions
  • In top 10% of agents holding the higher Associate Broker designation on license
  • Experienced house builder who understands all facets of home improvement
  • Has been a top sales professional for more than 32 years
  • On average I sell my listings at 99.46% of their asking price far above other realtors
  • Training includes UBC Real Estate Salesperson’s plus Agent’s Pre-licensing Courses, UBC Property Management and Urban Land Economics Courses
  • Did not get his real estate license in 5 weeks but studied an interned over several years
  • Is a committed family man, married for 27 years with two daughters and two son-in-laws
  • Thursday, April 21, 2022

    Why Hire Rory As Your Exclusive Buyer's Agent?

    • Carries highest real estate designation as Accredited Buyer's Representative
    • Specializes in working with serious buyers, including first time home buyers
    • Considered a valuable resource and trusted advisor by his clients
    • Has been a full-time real estate sales professional and top negotiator for 32 years
    • Regularly outperforms other agents and enjoys delivering extra value to his buyers
    • Will protect and enhance your negotiating position at all times
    • Has assisted over 2000 buyers and sellers in successful real estate transactions throughout Greater Vancouver
    • Thorough market understanding of all areas in Metro-Vancouver
    • Work 100% in the interests of his clients with no divided loyalty 
    • #1 negotiator with leading real estate companies in Western Canada
    • Has 100% customer satisfaction record – puts your needs, goals and priorities first
    • Has a proven home buying system that creates superior results in all market cycles
    • Automated buyer notification program of new listings and price reductions
    • Personally and energetically commits himself to each client’s individual buying process
    • Believes that every dollar matters for his clients
    • Chooses to work with serious buyer clients only and limits number of buying assignments at one time
    • Is a master sales strategist with highest trust and integrity factor
    • Maintains regular contact with clients throughout the buying process
    • Will tell you the truth without fear of the outcome, clients always come first
    • Regularly executes scenarios involving selling a home and then purchasing a new home
    • References highlight superior skills, strengths and character traits far above other agents
    • Has facilitated individual property transactions ranging from $70,000 to $28 million
    • Has worked for and with the most successful development companies in BC
    • Outstanding reputation of having unequalled experience you can trust
    • Successful project marketer familiar with all buyer types, promotion and home staging
    • Is trained by the largest personal and business coaching university in the world
    • Works by referral only – happy clients provide introductions to others for his services
    • Certified real estate, life and business coach
    • Regularly coaches buyers, sellers and other real estate professionals
    • Has superior communication skills, trained in neuro-linguistic programming
    • In top 10% of agents holding the higher Associate Broker designation on license
    • Experienced house builder who understands all facets of home improvement
    • Has been a top sales professional for more than 32 years
    • Training includes UBC Real Estate Salesperson’s plus Agent’s Pre-licensing Courses, UBC Property Management and Urban Land Economics Courses
    • Is a committed family man, married for 27 years with two daughters and two son-in-laws

    Wednesday, April 20, 2022

    Telling You The Truth Is More Important Than A Real Estate Commission

    From: Robert J. Noakes, P.Eng

    To: Rory Sutter
    Sutton Group Seafair Realty

    April 3rd, 2022 

    Dear Rory:

    On behalf of Andrea and myself, we would like to express our gratitude for all you have done to help us in finding our ideal home – even though we eventually ended up moving cities.

    The 12+ months during which we were looking for property in Vancouver were somewhat disappointing. COVID-19 pandemic seems to have upended, among many things, real estate markets everywhere. 

    Our timing, it seems, could not have been worse. Your experience/knowledge of the local market, and above all your temperament, made our experience rich even in such times.

    We appreciated, as much as anything, that you did not encourage us to take part in irrational exuberance that seems to share some characteristics with the Mississippi or Dutch Tulip bubbles. 

    In fact, we recall on several occasions that you actually discouraged us from certain properties because you were worried about the potential downside of a future market correction. 

    Such sober outlook seems so rare in a market with seemingly endless desire to bid prices up. Fairly or not, it seems the real estate business has its fair share of untoward salesmen. 

    Working with you, we only saw that you wanted to truly serve our interests, rather than seeking short-term profit. We appreciate deeply working with someone who has integrity.

    Thank you again for the exceptional experience and I wish you the best in all matters personal and professional.

    Best Regards, 

    Bob Noakes

    Tuesday, April 19, 2022

    Give Me A Chance To Realize Your Highest Priorities

    After 20 years in my current location, I decided to sell my house in Tsawwassen and move to a more rural setting. On the recommendation of a friend, I asked Rory Sutter to be my agent. Lucky for me; he turned out to be an excellent choice, guiding me confidently over the humps and hollows of selling (and buying my next home). 

Rory was very knowledgeable of my area, and never less than helpful. I always felt that he was entirely on top of the transaction. He bent over backwards to accommodate my complicated move. 

    It was a pleasure to watch him skillfully execute his plan and negotiate a great price for my property including an extended possession date of 60 days following completion to allow me to buy another home and not feel the pressure of moving. 

    And when I asked Rory if he could get me another month of occupancy after the sale he delivered. I know he is with me all the way and highly recommend his services to others. 

    Ralph Parker 

    ps: And he's a nice guy, too!

    Monday, April 18, 2022

    Thank You For Your Visit

    Dear Potential Client,

    After more than 30 years of being a real estate professional I have learned very clearly that not all realtors are created equally. In fact there are BIG differences!

    It is true that most people know a realtor, or of a realtor, it could be a friend, a relative, or a friend of a friend. There is no limit on the number of licensed realtors by our real estate boards and experience in real estate, selling, negotiating and marketing is simply not required.

    You may be seeing the signs everywhere, "Real Estate Licence in 5 Weeks". Can you believe that five weeks? Today anyone can become a realtor quickly, order business cards, join any company you want such as Sutton or Remax, by just paying their monthly charges along with the Board fees. But does that qualify them to negotiate on your behalf with your most important asset?

    I have found that in residential real estate perception is everything, even with the leading performers in the industry. How can any agent properly market, promote and negotiate so many listings at the same time and give the seller the level of personal service they deserve?

    Many agents use unlicensed assistants to show their listings, but they are not permitted to say anything that could be viewed as selling, such as highlighting attributes of a property? Essentially most assistants are there to unlock the doors. As a seller you should think about who is showing your property and what are their qualifications and skill levels?

    I hold the higher Associate Brokers License, held by less than 10% of all realtors, which denotes a much greater level of industry experience and education. I show all of my listings personally and I am actively engaged in promoting and selling your home. I use all of my experience to negotiate top dollar for my clients and I am absolutely committed to getting them the best results.

    Rory Sutter is a strategic Realtor. He listed and sold my mom’s house in less than a week. What’s impressive is how he scheduled the showings to get 3 multiple offers. The viewings were scheduled close enough together to ensure everyone knew there were other interested parties, thus creating a sense of urgency. Pricing the house right is key. She got her asking price thanks to Rory.

    July Ono – Professional Real Estate Investor, Educator and Mentor (From July News)
    I work 100% for my clients exclusively and have never signed a dual agency agreement in my career when they were permitted. I believe in having undivided loyalty to the people I serve.

    Through the years I have worked with thousands of realtors on both sides of the fence. I was trained by the world's largest and most successful real estate brokerage company Colliers International, where I served an apprenticeship under one of their top agents, although I came to the company as a top salesman with my real estate license. I practiced a highly disciplined work ethic and honed my sales and negotiating skills over seven years.

    Following Colliers, I worked on property acquisitions and project marketing through my company Realstar Corporation and later was recruited by B.C.'s top developer to manage their property acquisitions and I negotiated individual contracts in the tens of millions.

    With more than 30 years of hands-on real estate industry experience I have found that my greatest enjoyment comes from real estate sales negotiation - this is where I shine.

    I love to set goals with my clients in our first meeting based upon what would be their best outcome. How could I make it a 10+? I believe what you focus on you get and I prefer to focus on the most favorable outcomes. The best part is and my testimonies will show is when at the end my clients see that we realized the best case scenario.

    You see it is a partnership. You are hiring me to work with you to realize the best possible outcome for your family. This includes negotiating a favorable price, writing the best offers with good terms, dates and deposits, finding another home, minimizing disruption of your family life, assisting you in all aspects of the sale, advising you, answering your questions and ensuring that your interests are protected at all times.

    I take these responsibilities very seriously and only ask that in spite of who you may know as an agent simply interview me for the job as a candidate. Please allow me to apply for the job. Meet me and let me show you how I sell homes for top dollar and help my clients to buy right in any market.



    Sunday, April 17, 2022

    Looking After You Is My Highest Priority

    Dear Rory,

    Thank you for the outstanding work you did to sell my home. You went above and beyond on this one and I am truly grateful. Knowing that you were there gave me the confidence to make my move after signing the listing and from that moment forward you looked after every detail. 

    Not only did you hire and supervise a painter for me, but you also assisted with the cleanup and pre-painting preparation, picked up strata documents and liaised with my lawyer and accountant in my absence.

    Your regular reports, updates and calls kept me well informed and when we needed to make adjustments your advice, strategies and careful explanations gave me the knowledge I needed to make the right decisions that resulted in an offer to purchase.

    After negotiating the agreement you skillfully defused a last-minute inspection concern that could have derailed the sale and later arranged to get the closing papers to Washington State for my signature, so that I wouldn’t have to forfeit my prepaid travel plans. 

    You reminded me again and again that your services were not over until my sales proceeds were safely deposited into my account.

    Now having worked with Rory on two occasions, as both a buyer and seller, I am most pleased to recommend his services, including for other seniors and members of the Christian community. 

    You will undoubtedly find him to be a real professional of exceptional character, who will take great care to look after you as he did for me.     


    Ron Nelsen
    Retired Missionary 

    Dear Ron,

    Thank you for your kind letter. It was my pleasure to serve you again during this important transition in your life and following the loss of your dear wife. You have given so much to and for others and I was happy to look after everything while you settled into your new place close to your family. 

    It wasn't "above and beyond," I was simply doing what I love and that's why I'm in this business. And to know that I may have exceeded your expectations means that I did my job. Somehow we've lost what it means to be a trusted full-service real estate professional today?

    I wanted to to say that military veterans hold a special place in my heart and thank you for your service. You are indeed a humble man as I discovered that you earned two Bronze Stars in Vietnam. Its been an honour Lt. Colonel.

    Your Real Estate Consultant For Life,

    Rory Sutter

    Saturday, April 16, 2022

    Awards & Recognition

    Dear Rory,

    People move on with far more frequency these days - and not just from job-to-job but on to different careers as well. With that in mind, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) recognizes the years you have invested and the time you have devoted to organized real estate. For at least 25 years, CREA and organized real estate have benefited from your time, talents and dedication.  Beth Crosbie President CREA


    Friday, April 15, 2022

    Application For Employment

    Personal Information

    Name: Rory Sutter
    Direct Telephone: 604-780-7916
    Email: Web:

    Employment Desired
    Position: Personal Real Estate Consultant
    Date Available: Available Immediately

    Professional Experience

    Sutton Group – Seafair Realty 
    Associate Broker

    Residential Listing Sales Specialist

    Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Residential

    Investment Sales Specialist

    United Properties Ltd.
    Manager, Land Acquisition and Development

    Concert Properties Ltd.
    Property Acquisitions Manager

    Realstar Real Estate Corporation
    Director of Sales and Marketing – Residential Real Estate Marketing Specialist

    Aragon Development Group
    Sales and Marketing Manager – Project Development and Marketing
    Nominee under Real Estate Act
    Property Management

    Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Inc.
    Member Land and Investment Divisions – Licensed Commercial Real Estate Agent with concentration in residential single-family and multi-family sales, development and land assembly.

    Professional Training:
    UBC Real Estate Salesperson’s Pre-Licensing Course
    UBC Property Management Course
    UBC Real Estate Agent’s Pre-Licensing Course
    UBC Urban Land Economics Program

    Continuing Professional Education:
    Accredited Buyer's Agent Designation
    Accredited Senior's Real Estate Specialist Designation
    Foreclosure and Court Ordered Sales Specialist
    Project Marketing Specialist
    Business Brokerage
    Condo Strata Law
    Hazards of Older Homes 2021
    Multiple Offers
    Legal Updates 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021
    Navigating the Pre-Sale and New Home Sales Purchase 2021
    Real Estate Ethics 2021
    Robert Kiyosaki Advanced Real Estate Investment Training
    REIN Multi-Family Investing Bootcamp
    CCIM Graduate - Financial Analysis For Commercial Investment Real Estate
    Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate 2021

    Professional Affiliations:
    Member Residential Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
    Member Commercial Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

    Licensing Designation:
    Associate Broker

    Of the approximately 10,738 licensed real estate agents in the Lower Mainland only 9.4% or 1009 agents hold the higher Associate Broker designation, which requires proven industry experience and stringent educational requirements. This denotes a higher standard of qualifications, experience and education.

    Real estate professional for 32 years, actively involved in marketing, buying and selling real estate. Outstanding reputation with clients as an honest, highly skilled and hard working individual with exceptional industry experience. Will achieve the best results for you.
    Call for references.

    RORY SUTTER – Your Best Choice in Real Estate
    Experience isn’t Expensive… It's Priceless!!

    Thursday, April 14, 2022

    Loyalty: Is Your Agent Really On Your Side?

    So many people tell me that they truly wonder if their real estate agent was really on their side in the last real estate transaction that they did?

    It's a good question that smart people need to ask before they hire an agent. 

    I had a case where we had an accepted offer on one of my listings and I drafted a seller's condition that the sellers would only sell if we were able to purchase another house within a few weeks. It is called a Seller's Subject To Buying. 

    And most agents do not know how to use it, or they won't use it because they don't want to lose the first transaction if their client can't find something to purchase. 

    In this scenario, with the second transaction, or the buying side I knew the listing agent, in fact he was from my Sutton office, which is one of the top brokerages in Metro Vancouver. But under designated agency you are represented by the designated agent on the transaction. 

    I was negotiating for my buyers and the other Sutton agent was acting for his sellers. Although what I see out there is that many agents in different markets, regardless of which company they work for, are far too close with other realtors.

    In my case, even though I knew the agent, my loyalty was 100% to my clients (as it alway should be). For the record, in 32 years I have never done a deal under limited dual agency when it was permitted. 

    How can an agent act for the buyer and the seller at the same time? It reminds me of ICBC after you get in an accident. You scratch your head and ask yourself who is ICBC acting for, because it's sure not me?

    But what is worse is when I see other agents do things and say things that do not reflect loyalty to their clients. 

    My loyalty is never divided; and in this case I negotiated a very good purchase for my clients. They were able to buy at a price that another top agent told them was not possible when I showed them his listing. That the purchase value we were after was impossible. 

    Just so you know, I love it when other agents tell me that I can't get something for my clients.

    In this case the seller's were divorced and the subsequent inspection revealed significant problems and we negotiated a price reduction that allowed my clients to undertake much needed repairs on the property and do some renovations. 

    My clients then removed their subject on the sale of their home and proceeded with the purchase of the new home. And we moved to a smooth completion. 

    Following, the seller's agent on their newly purchased house told me that the next time he personally purchased a home he would use me as his buyer's agent because of what I was able to achieve for my clients. 

    Months later that same agent expressed bitterness to me over how well my clients did on the purchase? I was surprised by his demeanour as the home had been neglected by his clients, and one of them was very motivated to sell?

    I was friendly, professional and cooperative at all times and provided the inspection results to the agent who passed them on to both the sellers to review and consider prior to agreeing to our price reduction. 

    They could have easily said no or make a counter offer, but they chose to accept our offer.

    The truth is that my loyalty is not to another agent, or to the other party in the transaction. 

    I don't do favours, side deals, or not negotiate to my full ability because I may know another agent, or because I want to do a quick deal like some agents that I see. 

    My job is to use my skills on behalf of my clients exclusively. To act in their best interests at all times and protect their negotiating position.

    But when it comes to loyalty you better be careful. It is something that many agents and cultures do not understand. I negotiate very good outcomes on my listings with Asian buyers because I refuse to do under-the-table deals, or reveal my client's bottom line. 

    They look at me and know that they are not going to get away with what are normal practices in their culture. 

    Because our law says that all real estate agents have obligations to their clients under the Real Estate Services Act that include:

    Not to act for both parties
    Not act for parties whose interests conflict
    Avoid all conflicts of interest
    Not misuse confidential information
    Obey instructions
    Act honestly
    Exercise care and skill
    Disclose information concerning other party's maximum/minimum price or terms
    Disclose information concerning other party's motivation
    Disclose information concerning material defects
    Disclose other confidential information obtained from other party
    Provide confidential advise on any or all relevant matters
    Help negotiate and draft favorable terms

    Personally, loyalty is my highest value. If we work together you will know who's team I am on.